toss dat
Krewe Dat 504 was founded by 2nd Line Dancer, Darryl (Dancingman504) Young, and Ethnobotanist, Dr. Samantha Gerlach. It is comprised of local, national, parading, and virtual members. Our mission is to boldly go where no Krewe has gone before. We are a Krewe dedicated to culture, music, arts, costumes, and eco-minded throws. These throws are up-cycled via our creation of the Toss Dat Schools Program and are also produced by a network of adults who live here and abroad. We promote the crafting of throws that can be displayed and used instead of thrown in the attic.
The Krewe theme flows from the water, which symbolizes our strengths as well as our weaknesses. The shield embodies our resilience and devotion to protecting our traditions. Members are constructing a float of a New Orleans style home, a representation of how we must always Rebuild New Orleans back to Her beauty.
Our throws honor ALL of the people who came to the City’s rescue after Hurricane Katrina and will forever be a part of the Biggest Show in the World, MARDI GRAS.
Our Dance Dat steps showcase the unique 504 style of New Orleans movement, and our Costume Dat members design festive “get-up” to generate fanfare and spectacles for the parading-audience.
Ain’t no Dat like a Krewe Dat! #SocialParadeClub #SPC